Retail Big Data makes different

Based on Dreamsearch data, Black Friday represented a turning point for

both brick-and-mortar and online retailer alike.

Power of location analytics & big data

Get critical insights you never had before

to improve marketing and operations.

Retail Big Data Innovation

Retail has always been there, and will always stay there.

Customers are bound to move in the physical world.

Devoted to

Growing your Business

The world’s best brands and retailers use real-time
data to make better decisions every day.

Physical Locations

Now you can get the same level of powerful analytics used online for your physical locations. Gain new insights, presented in simple dashboards, to greatly improve marketing and operations.

Easy to Deploy

Dreamsearch uses your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and gets you up and running in 48 hours. There’s no hardware to install, so you get the insights you need quickly and easily.

Free to Try

You’ve already made a sizable investment in your Wi-Fi network. Why not turn it into an insight-generating tool? It’s free to try, so you have nothing to lose.


technology, and retail intelligence can be incorporated into any location-based digital marketing solution to help increase real shopper action.

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The industry standard for retail analytics

Thousands of companies are using data to trade
more competitively. Level the playing field.

Have the right assortment

Trade ahead of the market. Never chase demand or miss an opportunity again.

Price Perfectly

Discover pricing gaps in real-time, and capitalize
on them before someone else does.

Optimize your Promotions

Know when the rest of your market is rolling out promotions, and plan strategically around that.

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